The perfume extraction plants grown in Grasse: the Centifolia rose

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The flower production of the Grasse region is part of our heritage. It is these flowers, produced by perfumers, that have written our history, designed our landscapes, and contributed to the development of the city of Grasse.

Grasse et la baie de Cannes - Galimard parfumeur à Grasse

Grasse, ideal climatic conditions

The land of Grasse benefits from a privileged location which gives an exceptional quality to its production. In between the sea and the mountain, this cradle of the perfume industry has inherited a very favorable climate, a very fertile soil, and an optimal altitude.


However, this exceptional climate would not be enough if Grasse did not also benefit from the unparalleled know-how of the producers themselves.

The Centifolia rose, a fragile and precious flower

The Centifolia rose is among the perfume extraction plants grown in Grasse. Smaller but more fragrant than the common rose, this flower has inspired many perfumery designers.

Belonging to the Rosaceae family, and also called the “rose of a hundred leaves,” it is emblematic of this exceptional land. This rose, used in perfumery, is rare and very fragile, and its fragrance is particularly rich and complex. It emanates a sweet, subtle, strong, and honey-like scent. The astonishing fragrance of the May rose has made Grasse famous all over the world. The Centifolia rose is also famous for its many uses in cosmetics.

The harvest, a meticulous work

Depending on the climate, its flowering takes place as early as May, hence the origin of its other name, the May rose. Its flowering ends in July. It is during the month of May that the Centifolia rose is picked. The picking takes place in early morning, when the flower starts to bloom, still carrying the freshness of the night. Its cultivation requires specific know-how and its picking requires a lot of precision because it only lasts a few days. If it is not picked on the day it blooms, it cannot be used. As for the distillation which transforms the flower into perfume, it must be done directly after the harvest in order to avoid a very quick loss of quality. During the transformation, 3 to 5 tons of fresh flowers are necessary to obtain 1 kilogram of essential oil.

Rose rouge posée sur un cadre d'enfleurage parsemé de pétales de rose - Galimard parfumeur à Grasse

As you might have understood, the Centifolia rose is the muse of perfumers as it shines bright with its power and finesse. It embodies elegance with a fragrance that reveals unique notes. Being simultaneously sensual, very floral, and rich, this flower is a jewel for the perfumers of Grasse.

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