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Perfume creation workshops in Grasse

Galimard’s innovative “Studios des Fragrances” was developed to demystify creative secrets which have always been hidden from the public: the artistic magic of creation!

You have no doubt dreamed of the day you would discover YOUR perfect perfume that is exclusively yours; the one which speaks to you and represents who you are. Thanks to the blending of the seductive olfactory notes which you naturally choose, your finished creation will be one that has come from your emotional soul.

With our unique historical experience and savoir-faire in the perfume creation field, Galimard opens in Grasse its first « Studio Des Fragrances » in 1996..

Because of our innovative and patented concept of workshop, you become the master perfumer as you discover the secrets of formulation and creation.

Comfortably seated at your own Perfumer organ with 127 proprietary fragrance notes, you will discover and travel through the different base products and techniques used to combine them.

With a lively and friendly approach, our “nose” will explain the architecture of a good perfume, with its top, heart and base notes. He/She will evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classification of the large families of scents along with their typical components; she/he will then describe the principles of achieving a harmonious formula.

This basic introduction will allow you to give free rein to your imagination in composing YOUR  Perfume, one that you will carry home with you in a bottle personalized with the name of your choosing.

You may choose to create a perfume for woman, man or unisex.

Your unique formula will be kept in our confidential database for your future reorders (via boutique online, mail and fax). Your formula will be available in Parfum, Eau de Parfum, as well as in body lotion and shower gel).

Our workshops are open to all, including children from 8 years old however we do require the presence of an adult as a creator (seated at a nearby organ) or as an accompanying person.

All necessary equipment is provided and the Eau de Parfum 100ml is included.

Practical information

The Studio des Fragrances Galimard is open every day, by appointment, for individuals and groups.

  • The workshops take place at 10am, 2pm and 4pm – Duration: 1 hour 30 to 2 hours depending on your available time.
  • Capacity: from 1 to 30 people per session

Price of the workshop :

Creation workshop: 55 € per person (Eau de Parfum 100 ml included)
Children under 15 years old: 45 € (Eau de Parfum 100 ml included)
10 € for a companion (1 accompanying maximum per creation)

Exclusive haute-couture perfume creation workshops in Grasse & in Eze-village

Imagine, dream and compose your personal, unique fine fragrance through a journey into the secret world of a Perfumer.

266 years ago, the prestigious House of Galimard opened its doors to the Perfume world in Grasse, the cradle of the International perfume Industry.


Since then, our Perfumers-Designers continue to perpetuate their passion of creating cutting edge Perfumes ; These are cultivated and enhanced using the historic art of creation in accordance with  tradition or by the introduction of the newest natural raw materials.

Imagine, dream and compose your personal, unique fine fragrance through a journey into the secret world of a Perfumer.
You will have the opportunity to create a perfume for woman, man or unisex.

Our in-house Perfumer welcomes you in his/her laboratory for exclusive perfume creation workshops.

An emotional meeting, full of discussion and personal reflection to be infused into your personalized creation.


Your unique formula will be kept in our confidential database for your potential future orders (via boutique online, mail and fax).

You may be accompanied by a person of your choice, with no extra charges (maximum 1 accompanying person per creation)

Practical information

The Studio des Fragrances Galimard is open daily, by prior appointment, for individuals and groups.

  • Haute couture perfume creation workshops take place at the time of your choice, depending on availability. Duration : 2 hours to 2 half days depending on the workshop.
  • Workshop in French or English with our Parfumeur. Our fragrance experts are available for workshops in German, Italian (other languages please contact us).

Blissful Initiation :
Studio n°1 : €249 / creation
Exhilarating Discovery :
Studio n°2 : €500 / creation
Tantalizing Composition :
Studio n°3 : €800 / creation

Workshops the Organ of Flavours in Grasse

Flavour: The blend of taste and smell sensations evoked by a substance in the mouth. (Merriam-Webster). Thanks to the magic of scents you will go back to the sweetshop and bakery delights of childhood, that will evoke the pleasures of a summer meal on the deck shared with friends, or recall an exotic voyage… This concept provides you with an Organ of 40 fragrances related to cuisine and aromas which will stimulate your olfactory memory and your taste buds to create a delicious Home Fragrance.

In the frame of the menu selected (Summer Flavours, Childhood Flavours, Oriental Flavours or Aromatic Flavours), just like a Celebrity Chef, you choose several scents to form your creation. Your creation will be structured like a real perfume, with its head notes (« starter »), heart notes (« main course ») and base notes (« dessert »). Our Parfumeur and Team from the Studio des Fragrances will guide you through this olfactory journey to develop your Home Fragrance. A Champagne glass will conclude this experience on a sparkling note.

You will leave with your Home Fragrance spray and its matching Scent Diffuseur, an olfactory souvenir of your visit to the Parfumerie Galimard.


Your unique Recipe (recorded in our confidential database) will be available for mail order.

Practical information

The Studio des Fragrances Galimard is open daily, by reservation.
– The workshops take place at 10am, 14pm and 16pm

– Duration: from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours, according to the time available


– Accommodation capacity: from 1 to 2 persons per session

– Workshop price: 99 € per person

Home Fragrance 100ml & Scent Diffuser 100ml and Champagne break included

  (€10 for one accompanying person, maximum one accompanying person per creation)


Private seminar with the perfumer

Amateur, passionate or specialist, our Perfumer and his/her team will welcome you for a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day program.

Our Perfumer will customize the theoretical and practical program in order to suit your expectations, by focusing on the elements that you wish to deepen.

A technical, olfactory and creative approach, a gift for yourself or for your loved ones!

The seminars take place throughout the year in our Studios des Fragrances in Grasse or in Eze-Village. 

Private seminars prices:

1-day: 690€ per person

2 -day: 1250€ per person

3-day: 1800€ per person

The seminar will be fully dedicated to you.

Photographie des mains d'un homme qui sent un échantillon de parfum- Galimard parfumeur à Grasse

For further information about our workshops and seminars, please

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