Conseils d’experts : comment bien conserver son parfum chez soi et sur soi ?

Advices from Experts: How to preserve properly your perfume at home and on you?

Long-term durability: basic rules to follow Preserving your perfume longer is anybody’s wish in order to preserve this fine and precious scent, for its first use until its last. The perfume contains aromatic and essential oils which can transform if we don’t take care of them. Yet, a well-preserved perfume has a lifetime of a […]

Ramassage du jasmin à Grasse - Galimard

Perfume plants grown in Grasse : jasmine

The jasmine grown in Grasse is called Jasmine Grandiflorum, or “large-flowered” jasmine; it has been present there since the 17th century.

reconnaitre une fragrance - Galimard parfumeur à Grasse

Perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette : what are the differences?

What are the differences between perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette ?


The perfume extraction plants grown in Grasse: the Centifolia rose

This article is about the Centifolia rose and the perfume plants grown in Grasse