Cadeaux de Noël Galimard

Our gift selection for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you are in need of inspiration for holiday gifts?

Our team can help you find the perfect idea for your friends or loved ones.

Photographie de deux coffrets de parfums pour homme et pour femme - Galimard, parfumeur à Grasse


A gift set of 6 Perfumes, for a variety of scents to match your mood.


The Day and Evening Caviar Routine for high quality skin care.
Produits Routine jour & nuit - Ligne Caviar - Robertet
Diffuseur de senteur - Galimard

Home fragrances

A beautiful glass vase with bamboo scent diffusers will delicately perfume your home with your favorite fragrance.

Perfume creation workshop from home

Our student of perfumery gift set for the most daring and curious apprentices.
Coffret élève parfumeur - Galimard parfumeur à Grasse
Order deadlines to receive your gift in time for Christmas :

France : 18th December Germany/Italy/UK : 14th December Austria/Switzerland/Netherlands : 15th December Rest of Europe : 13th December USA/canada : 9th December

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